There Are Cities Underwater

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For every purchase of this digital book, you will also be donating a paperback copy to a child that has limited to no access to internet.

You may also choose to just simply donate a paperback copy to our selected communities.


"There are Cities Underwater" is a partnership between Cidades Debaixo de Água in Portugal and Oceanus Conservation as a guest author. Hippo, a seahorse explorer, wanders around the ocean and finds himself in the mangrove forests in the Philippines. Hippo takes us to see the different animals living in this habitat and the importance of mangroves to us and the environment. With science-based facts, children age 10+ above will surely learn something new.

Suggested age: 10 years old and above

The project, “There Are Cities Underwater,” began in 2020 through an invitation to build an educational program for the exhibition “The Sea is our Land” in cooperation with the Cultural Center of Lisbon. The team decided to put together 5 children’s books, each one dedicated to a different marine ecosystem namely the seagrass meadows, rocky reefs, kelp forests, coral reefs, and mangrove forests. The idea was to educate both children and their parents of each one's biodiversity and current threats.

The project is built on 3 principles - Education as a tool for conservation; Local action for a global project; and Ocean literacy valuation. It is our vision that our books can promote environmental education and ocean literacy not only in Portugal, but in all the corners of the world where a marine ecosystem exists. We want to make the ocean and its conservation a fundamental part of everybody’s daily life and knowledge.


Pedro Moreira
Marine Biodiversity and Conservation Master that for more than 5 years works in environmental education and ocean literacy. Started with a scholarship in EMEPC and now provides educational services for different institutions like the Lisbon Oceanarium, Ocean Alive, Portuguese Environmental Education Association and
Zero P.

Ana Rita Silva
Master in Marine Ecology that after concluding her studies, decided to dedicate her life to environmental education, making her master thesis about it. Since 2016 has made part of projects about marine literacy in collaboration with different institutions like the Lisbon Oceanarium, Cascais Ambiente, Ocean Alive and Portuguese Environmental Education Association.

Marta Reis
Master in Marine Ecology that after finishing the master program start to work as environmental educator in the Lisbon Zoologic Park, and later passed by the Lisbon Oceanarium and the Science House. Today, she also dedicates some time to her other passion, the illustration.

Teresa Santos
Master in Marine Ecology that was focused on the cleaning behaviours of fish, but since 2016 decided to explore the field of environmental education. Today, her efforts go towards behaviour change to preserve the Ocean, providing educational services to Lisbon Oceanarium, Ocean Alive and Cascais Ambiente.


  • Joseph Julca Mendonza (Chile – Kelp forests)
  • Renata Mazzei (Brazil – Coral reefs)
  • Camille Rivera (The Philippines – Mangrove forests)