Corina Borromeo


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Acrylic, phosphorescent paint on Canvas

12 x 27 inches


I take this time in isolation to dive deep and look within. What is it in my past that is hurt and needs healing? “Innerbloom” an image of a lotus in bloom and underwater is a symbol of introspection into the self. To learn to understand and to heal.

The lotus flowers life cycle is a beautiful image of grace and beauty despite adversity; in the end overcoming it all and stepping into light.

Born in the dark, the lotus buds begin life underwater in a muddy pond surrounded by dirt, insects and stagnant water. Despite it’s harsh beginning the lotus flower pushes past all of the obstacles and moves towards the surface of the water. As it emerges into the light it blooms, opening each of its petals and exposing it to the clean air and light at the surface. Ironically, the same muddy water that the lotus has come from is the same water that cleans and purifies its petals as it surfaces out of the pond and into the air.

As we begin our own personal journeys into healing we are encouraged to look within in order to discover what fears or insecurities we have about ourselves. We may be faced with things that may be difficult to confront but be courageous and face what you fear and we open ourselves up to love and healing and growth.