Ocean Adventures with Cory

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English and Tagalog translation 

For every purchase of this digital book, you will also be donating a paperback copy to a child that has limited to no access to internet.

You may also choose to just simply donate a paperback copy to our selected communities.



Cory's coral reef adventure takes you on an underwater journey of discovery. Set in the Philippine reefs, this storybook shows the unique and colorful life we all live in but unconsciously taken for granted. Let Cory and her friends teach us how to care and protect the beautiful underwater city! Learn about marine life with additional science facts to help us understand and care for our marine creatures.

The book currently has translated versions in Tagalog, Bisaya, and Chavacano.



This partnership aims to spread awareness and education on our precious bodies of water through our campaign entitled, #OceanLiteracyForAll.

We want to raise awareness to various Filipino communities about the importance of coral reef in our lives. Not all coastal communities in our country know about what we see underwater and why they should be protected. We want you to be inspired and love the marine life just as much as we do.

Our initial goal is to provide copies to 250 child beneficiaries in Barangay Union, Dapa City in Siargao. However, we hope to reach more children around the Philippines and will work on getting more translations in various dialects. 

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Frances Camille Rivera | @mangrovesforourfuture

Camille Rivera is a Co-Founder of Oceanus Conservation, an environmental NGO focusing on preserving coastal ecosystems through protection, education and alternative livelihood for the communities. She is a marine biologist by background, climate activist and loves to teach people about mangroves through her instagram @mangrovesforourfuture.

Aoibheann Gillespie-Mules | @coralreefbeauty

Aoibheann Gillespie-Mules, (pronounced E-fin), is a compassionate scuba instructor and marine scientist. Working for an environmental NGO, her main focus has been educating and training local/international students into becoming environmentally responsible divers. Through her photography, she shares the beauty of corals and continues to educate and spread awareness, highlighting the importance of marine ecosystems. 

ILLUSTRATION by Cy Lagamson | @_hellosai