States of Cadence

The States of Cadence online gallery is a culmination between arts and wellness. Take a step back and ground yourself in the moment with us.

Art is always in flux, but there will always be a continuing thread. 

Grounded presents:  States of Cadence II —- a multi-sensory exhibit on timelessness and infinite evolution of the human spirit, through connection, compassion, and engagement with the natural world.

Celebrating art’s ability to invoke empathy and powerful insight into key conversations of our age, States of Cadence II perpetuates the artistic investigation of the Grounded Artist Network into various shades of time interspersed with cadence - a natural rhythm, a frequency that the artists coalesce with to truly express themselves.

A perpetuation of the artistic investigation of the Grounded Artist Network (GAN) into various shades of time (past, present, and future) interspersed width cadence - a natural rhythm and flow, a frequency that the artists coalesce with to truly express themselves, States of Cadence II shifts its focus to other aspects of this dance; such as the untamed, limitless aspects of timelessness. Bringing their exploration of craft, technique and style, the GAN artists cast impressions on concepts and handpicked moments out of time, invoking a sense of permanence to what could have previously been considered fleeting.

The ability to “time travel” through art - glimpsing past and parallel worlds, setting a kaleidoscope to the present and peeking into possible futures is what makes it so powerful. Through art, we step into the shoes of those who have lived long before, taking stock of where we are currently, leaving messages and clues for those to come– a thread of meaningful connection beyond any perceivable timeline.

The exhibition features paintings, prints, tapestries, photographs, and other mixed media works that bear witness to our ongoing existential pursuit in relation to time, and brings focus to how we can move from being mere spectators to fully inhabiting and contributing to where–and when, we are. 

States of Cadence II presents a selection of both introspective and participative rhythm in the effort to restore connection between viewer and the environment they inhabit– with other humans and life forms. Every element is inextricably alive. 

This selection from the Grounded Artist Network invites the viewer to explore the intricate, labyrinthine systems and states of being, and the reparative role that art and compassion plays within these systems. New acquisitions on view for the first time include photographs from our featured artist, French photographer Camille Robiou Du Pont whose work knits together sensory journeys of the wild woman through water surface, depths, island ecology, freedom, dreams and rootedness in duality–all under the umbrella of cosmic elements reveling in the beauty and prowess of the Divine feminine. Lucia Fischer also explores themes of feminism and female identity.

Typhoon Odette Fundraiser

In light of recent events surrounding the devastation brought about by Typhoon Odette, Grounded has partnered with Oceanus Conservation and continues its commitment to ocean advocacy by raising funds for the rebuilding of schools in Siargao Island. The exhibit features Camille’s eerily arresting photos of the destruction of Typhoon Odette, as well as her portraits engraved on wood by Siargao local artist Niko Kanar.  

Once again, beyond a coalition of contemporary art, the exhibition is motivated by the following questions: 

How do we travel through time with art? What can we associate as guideposts, beacons as we surge into the unknown? 

Is it possible to find a way to nurture ourselves and others without wreaking havoc to our planet?

How do we reframe our states of consciousness, invoking more intentionality and connection? - synchronization and coordination, a deeper sense of community? 

Whereas States of Cadence Exhibit I was presented solely online, States of Cadence Exhibit II exists between the digital and physical realms, as Grounded has partnered with Karrera Showroom for its physical space. 

As an automobile curio mini museum - cafe and bar hybrid, Karrera is home to the automotive timelessness in the form of the classic, vintage cars displayed and housed. This dynamic and playful environment embodies Grounded’s values of creativity through engineered design, whilst encouraging a sense of self-propelling progress and forward-flow. Just as various forms of art invite the viewer to delve into detail, Karrera’s offerings transmit interior and exterior elegance, evident to the veteran motor connoisseur and civilian alike. On the same track, running threads between Karrera and Robiou Du Pont’s stills, and Lucia Fischer’s works, are linked in the tradition of most vehicles taking on the feminine gender (relating the the idea of a female figure such as a mother goddess or deity guiding and protecting driver and passengers alike)--both vessels of power and elegance. 

People work with time as artists work with their own instruments of creation.

Through both mediums we fashion the narrative and bring meaning to our stories. This iteration of States of Cadence focuses on a collective body of work whose resonances endure through any era, but are particularly poignant in today’s world.

A collaboration with Karrera, States of Cadence II is presented by a curatorial team composed of Grounded founders: Marika Manglapus-Ledesma, Carina Alejandrino-Arenas and Bianca Yuzon-Henares. States of Cadence II is on view from March 23, 2022, through April 1, 2022. The exhibition offers an intimate portrayal of boundless beauty through art featuring the work of 19 artists from the Grounded Artist Network Program, as well as new insights that transcend boundaries by introducing both specific and expanded narratives of various states of evolution through the lens of timelessness.