Grounded Radio: A podcast on creativity, well-being, personal growth and spiritual journeys.

Seeds of Greatness Affirmations

July 27, 2021
The seeds of greatness are planted within you! This guided meditation uses visualization and affirmations for kids. Do this meditation daily to help boost self-confidence and self-worth in children.

Is This The Way Home? - Baby Turtles And Their Journey To The Sea

July 20, 2021
On a quiet beach when everyone was asleep, baby sea turtles attempt to plod their way towards the ocean. They _swish_, _swash_, and stumble across different sights along the way. Without the moon to light their path, they only have each other to rely on — or so they think. Join them on their journey as the venture along the beach, in the sand, in search of home. This Grounded Kids ocean story is written and narrated by Danielle Calma.


July 13, 2021
Listen, do you hear that? It’s the whale song of Bally the Blue whale, calling out to you from the waves beyond. You hear it in your heart and feel that it is good. You want to get closer to the sound. She has some very special messages she would like to share with you. That YOU ARE LOVED. This guided meditation by Grounded, invites kids to start a practice of using positive affirmations to encourage healthy self talk to instill a sense of self-love! After hearing each one, they are invited to repeat it quietly in their mind, or say them out loud. Allow Bally’s whale song to wash over you and fill your day with peace, beauty and wonder at the miracle that you are!

Bally The Blue Whale

July 6, 2021
After a hunting incident that separates a young whale from her mother, Bally the Blue Whale swims the oceans on her own in search of her whale song. With nothing but a tune in her head to keep her company, Bally goes on a journey where she encounters other sea creatures that help her discover her voice, and with some luck, some newfound family along the way. This Grounded Kids ocean story is written and narrated by Maria Tuason.

Tree Meditation: Grounding and One with Mother Earth

June 29, 2021
Imagine you are a tree! It can be any tree. This guided visualization is a basic grounding meditation that invites kids to grow their own tree roots to stay grounded, encourage stability and foundation, and to feel supported and connected to Mother Earth.

There Are Cities Underwater - The Mangrove Forests of the Philippines

June 22, 2021
A seahorse explorer named Hippo wanders around the ocean and finds himself in the mangrove forests in the Philippines. Through Hippo we get to see and meet the different animals living in this habitat, and learn about the importance of mangroves to humankind and the environment. Today’s Ocean Adventure Story is based on the book by Cidades Debaixo de Água, written by Ana Rita Silva, , Marta Reis, Pedro Moreira, Teresa Santos and Camille Rivera. "There are Cities Underwater" is a partnership between Cidades Debaixo de Água from Portugal and Oceanus Conservation as a guest author.

Water Adventure: Intuition

June 15, 2021
It is a beautiful, sunny and clear day here on earth. You are standing on the shore of a beach, where you take off to begin your journey to a magical lagoon and an underwater city. This water inspired meditation will have children using their imagination, connecting to their intuition, and having them be in touch with their affinity between the marine wildlife and ecosystem, and how our life on land is dependent on it. We are all connected!

Cory and the Coral Reef City

June 8, 2021
Cory's coral reef adventure takes you on an underwater journey of discovery. Set in the Philippine reefs, this story shows the unique and colorful life we all live in but unconsciously taken for granted. Let Cory and her friends teach us how to care and protect the beautiful underwater city! Learn about marine life with additional science facts to help us understand and care for our marine creatures. Today’s Ocean Adventure is based on the book by Oceanus Conservation, written by Frances Camille Rivera and Aoibheann Gillespie-Mules.

Empathy and Energy with Kat Holigores

December 2020
We wrap up this season of Grounded Radio with media maven and equestrienne Kat Holigores, as she talks to us about trust in relationships, connecting with others, ourselves, and tuning in to our intuition to hone our spiritual gifts. Kat also shares with us how she deals with life’s “dips”, discovering healing modalities, protecting your space energetically, and her affinity with animals and horses, particularly with her newest “AmbassadHorse”, Baileys.

Home For Christmas with Dina Arroyo Tantoco and Rustans: On Spiritual Journeys, Career Choices, Family Life and The Dynamics of A Family-Run Business

December 2020
Head of Marketing of Rustans Corporation, Dina Tantoco gets candid with Grounded about where she is in her spiritual journey, what it's like working for her in-laws in a family run corporation, her passion for marketing and lifestyle changes.

Catching up with Luigi Meer: A Constant Thirst for Learning, Adopting New Habits, and Exploring new facets in Relationships

November 2020
In this episode, Bianca and Marika talk to seasoned podcaster, lawyer and entrepreneur, Luigi Meer about being a lawyer in the time of Covid-19. With a passion for learning new things and self-improvement, he shares with us his new discoveries on wellness such as yoga, breathing, diet and making his own walking desk, as well as the importance of being flexible and expanding your horizons.

Halloween Special Featuring Dead Air Podcast

October 2020
Grounded’s first Halloween special takes on horror as a means of catharsis and connection. Join Bianca and Marika as they discuss all things spooktacular with Aryn Cristobal, Chris Costello and Miguel Nacianceno, the hosts of the hit horror podcast Dead Air. Lock your doors and keep your flashlights handy—it’s gonna be one eerie episode!

The Guys Behind Harana Surf Resort Siargao Island: Sustainability, Immersion, Parties and Surfing

October 2020
We have a chat with the guys behind Harana Surf on the inspiring story of how they built their sustainable resort in Siargao from the ground up, their community-centered business practices, voluntourism, going between the city and island life, and the principles they live by such as catching the waves that come by in life.

Positive Mindset Coach Gina Harris: How Her Sailing Misadventure Lead to Newfound Perspectives

September 9, 2020
Positive mindset coach and owner of wellness and surf resort Punta Punta based in Siargao Gina Harris talks to us about the power of your mindset, staying resilient, and changing your perspective to finding positivity in different situations in life. Gina takes us back to the sailing adventure that leads to her blog moniker, Cactus and the Wave, and shares some grounding tips she practices to reduce anxiety in different situations.

Musings of a Mompreneur: Find Balance While Merging Family and Entrepreneurial Life

August 19, 2020
Audrey Pastelero inspires us as a dynamic mother of two, wife and the driving force behind several lifestyle businesses including Tropicale, Fun Nest, Something Personal and most recently - Milk Easy (a brand for breastfeeding mothers) to name a few. In this episode of Grounded Radio, she shares with us her experience of giving birth in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, her very tips for expecting mothers, and a peek into her journey as a successful businesswoman. Tune in as she shows us that finding balance while merging family life with entrepreneurial life is not only possible, but essential for one’s mental health.

Life After A Near Death Accident Featuring JM Quiblat

August 19, 2020
JM Quiblat joins us after waking up from his coma from a near-death surfing accident and shares with us his inspiring recovery story and new perspective on life.

Choosing Love Over Fear

August 19, 2020
Bianca and Marika catch up on life in pandemic times - what navigating the new normal has been like on a personal level, as well as for local brands and communities, effects of the world in mourning, and their tips and tricks for finding balance amidst the chaos. Delving into the state of the world as seen through different frequencies and shadow themes, they touch on how empathy and human connection is more important than ever despite required social distancing and the conveniences of technology. And that above all we must continue to consciously choose love over fear.

Max Eigenmann: A Force of Nature On And Off Screen

August 19, 2020
A talent on-screen and a character off-screen, we can’t help but be drawn to Max Eigenmann’s ambition and authenticity. She remains to be a force of nature wherever she finds herself in - whether she’s being an aspirational mother to her children, getting real online about her fitness journey, and most recently, playing the lead role in the new film, Verdict directed Raymun Ribay Gutierrez and produced by Brilliante Mendoza which is the Philippines official 2020 entry to the Oscars. Max also just bagged the award of best actress at the Asia Pacific Screen Awards for her role. Grounded Radio returns with another episode to get real with the actress on how she lives her true and best self, different parts of her life: in fitness, family and film. Settle down, and join our inspiring conversation with Max Eigenmann. This episode is co-produced by EPx.

Connecting With Your Inner Muse

August 19, 2020
In a world of fast times and fast fashion, there is a greater need for clothes with a story. Bea Constantino shares how we can empower culture not only in what we say and do, but in what we wear. Find out how the stylist and artist weaves in a bit of herself in every piece she makes, and how fashion is her platform of choice to shed light onto culture, heritage and sustainability. Turn up the volume to listen to all the ways we’ve fallen in love with this proud German-Chavacano-Tausug Pinay: as a stylist, an artist, Uniqlo’s brand ambassador, and the visionary behind Herman and Co. This episode is co-produced by EPx.

Evolution of the Local Music Scene, Music as a Healing Tool and Beyond

August 19, 2020
A day in the life of similarobjects is an endless sea of cosmic meandering and exploration - one of the most exciting artists today, Jorge Wieneke is as multilayered and dynamic as his music. In this episode of Grounded Radio, we learn how healing comes in different forms when Jorge talks to us about his way of seeing the world through his electric vision of music and composition, helping us understand the powerful effect of sound and music, and how our body and mind responds with reduced stress and a deeper sense of well-being.

Self Love and Psychoneurology

June 1, 2020
Take your seat, the happiness doctor is in! In our latest episode of Grounded Radio, Lia Bernardo turns to the leading principles of Psychoneurology to enable our inner empowerment as complete, whole beings. When we have the courage to love ourselves, it becomes the key to transparency and authenticity. Learn how fundamental understandings of the brain, ancient spiritual practices and self-love is the foundation of a life that thrives as we dig deep into the reality of self love, forgiveness, and cultivating better relationships.

Creativity and Spirituality: Two Sides of the Same Coin

May 24, 2020
Teresa Herrera -- an advocate for visual arts, yoga and fashion -- continuously inspires us with her dynamic line of work in the creative industry. She has most recently stunned Manila with her onstage performance when she starred in the one woman show Every Brilliant Thing. Grounded sits down to catch up with Teresa as she prepares to be a hands-on mother of three, touching on how she uses yoga to achieve human connection in her annual Global Mala Project, to teaching her kids the value of being present, and more.

What Is Grounded?

May 17, 2020
Get cozy as the ladies of Grounded-Bianca, Marika and Carina, come together to record a podcast for the first time. Marika tells us what inspired her to create Grounded, and the three talk more about their thoughts on well-being.

Sage Advice from Ronnie Lazaro on Liberating Yourself Through Forgiveness and Being the General of Your Body

May 17, 2020
Veteran actor Ronnie Lazaro talks to Grounded's Head of Media, Bianca Yuzon-Henares about his humble beginnings, his career as an actor, healing your own body on a cellular level, and liberating yourself through forgiveness.

A Time for Pause with Denise Weldon-Miñana

May 11, 2020
Denise is a fine arts and commercial photographer whose works are collected internationally from Canada and France to Hong Kong and India. A lover of learning Eastern philosophy and the healing arts, and a firm believer in the power of language and words, Denise is most keen about what connects and tethers our spiritual journey as humans. Tune in as we discuss her career as an artist and photographer and delve into her best practices and tips on meditation, spirituality and handling FOMO!

The Love Is Project

May 11, 2020
Founder and CEO of the Love Is Project, Chrissie Lam comes to Manila to get inspired and learn about our rich culture in the hope of launching a Philippine collection for her 10th edition of bracelets. Chrissie sits down with Grounded's Head of Media, Bianca Yuzon-Henares, to talk more about this pay-it-forward initiative that aims to spread LOVE through bracelets created by artisanal communities of women around the world.

Kicking it off with Edana: Two Cultures, a Love for Music and Fitness, and the Power of Now

May 11, 2020
We kick off the Grounded Radio party by introducing you to singer-songwriter and fitness enthusiast Edana Keijdner. She shares with us what life is like between worlds (Philippines and Netherlands), how a hurtful comment in her adolescent days pushed her to be fit and strong, her love for music and the power of staying present.