Grounded x .giff

.giff festival of new cinema is a new platform dedicated to contemporary practices in film, video and the emerging ways narratives are told. It is a festival animated by the prospect of experiment, innovation, and the trajectory of the field towards radical horizons.

Contemporary ways of life dwell on the image. It is everywhere, our lives are overwhelmed by it. In the current moment, cinema is just another way of consuming images, and we are in its grasp. .giff festival of new cinema emerges as a response to this evolving sentiment. It is a provocation: A new cinema is emerging; one that incites its practitioners and audiences, instigating radical ways of seeing and being in the world.

From its initiation in celluloid to the revolution of sound, advent of digital filmmaking and adventures in animation and virtual reality; cinema’s very form, material, and technology nurture innovation. Cinema allows opportunities to render the world anew.

The image moves, morphs, mutates. It is mapped onto and animated, rendered immense and immersive. In a milieu where senses of cinema multiply, what limits persist when cinema’s very form proliferates?

.giff Festival of new cinema harnesses cinema’s inclination to experiment, breaches boundaries, breaks new ground, and pursues prospects for and provocations of the form.

.giff along with Grounded, champions young artists, looking forward to the evolution of creation.


Stop. Steady. Sayaw (Dan Villegas)

To inspire emerging creators, Globe Studios is premiering short films of stories from your favorite local filmmakers. #ShareYourStory and join GIFF at!

The Well - (Alcazaren Bros)

Things come to life in the well of one’s imagination. The deeper the well, the more life emerges. Things are designed by us to serve a function in the real world. Once immersed in the depths of imagination, they will do as they please. It is an artist’s job to let them.

Mag labay Ra In Sakit (Minaj Jumalon)

Maglabay ra in sakit”(a Tausug phrase which roughly translates to “this pain will pass”) showcases the spirit and resilience of RKJun, a young musician in Zamboanga City who is determined to pursue rap music even as he is set by the challenges of poverty, loss, and the effects of terrorism in Southern Mindanao.

Momo by Rocket Sheep Studio (Animation)

A little girl searches all over the city for her lost dog, Momo.

Breaking Through the Darkness (Ronald James Baculo)

Anthony “Lamaroc” Lawang is an Australian-born, Filipino B-Boy who has competed and judged at various local and international hip-hop dance competitions. He currently teaches breakdancing to children and youth in his community in Melbourne. "Breaking Through the Darkness" shares the unique story of dealing with depression through breakdancing, and about finding hope in the most unconventional ways.