States of Cadence

The States of Cadence online gallery is a culmination between arts and wellness. Take a step back and ground yourself in the moment with us.

As its first online exhibition, Grounded presents States of  Cadence: Exhibit 1, part one of a two-part series, which explores the works of grassroots artists and their expressions on the metaphorical rendering of their response to the revelations of time, such as the past, present, and future.

An introspection on the myriad ways these artists interpret the temporal nature and conditions of specific memories, musings, and aspirations that have risen to the surface of consciousness, this declaration of works is brought forth in response to, and as a result of the challenges and triumphs of different seasons of their lives have offered them.

 Traditionally, one’s “state” refers to the particular condition that someone or something is at a specific point in time, whereas cadence is associated with rhythm and pace in music, movement, nature, and even business (how regularly scheduled event occurs), or a slight rise and fall in the pitch of one’s voice.

Interspersed with a sense of rhythmic flow, pattern, and movement (cadence), States of Cadence bridges various disciplines of art, providing a multitude of perspectives of states immortalized through their work, exploring ways affinities are formed with memories, present outlook and expectation, based on each artist’s unique experiences and perspective. The artists process the material that are their recollections, ruminations, and anticipated outcomes, to provide us with a snapshot of this constantly evolving cosmic framework. 

Various stories, accounts, and ethos affect outlook, but the reverse can also be said about the power it holds in looking back, forward, or sitting with what is. A meditation on transmuting conditions of caution, fear, panic, and dread to a spirit of gratefulness and anticipation, or even just acceptance and acknowledgment, the viewer is given a chance to reckon with their part in this contemplative quandary-and-gift that is our relationship to time, the tempo and pulse of our existence.

 Beyond a coalition of contemporary art, the exhibit aims to present a panorama of flux, highlighting fundamental questions: through what lens do we view our past, present and how do we wish to shape or manifest the outlook of our future? In the face of what is hectic and challenging, how do we dive into the moment and discover that which is timeless within ourselves? Can we choose ourselves, and is the present a mere stepping stone or a landing pad? Can we find beauty when and where we are, through reflection or imagined future landscapes, drawing upon either one as inspiration and fuel to move forth embracing the ever-changing, kooky, unnamed, and unpolished parts of ourselves?

The featured artist for this exhibit is artist Archie Geotina. Archie has launched leading-edge concepts such PEARLS, a series of black and white photographs of Filipina surfers surfing in traditional terno and Filipiniana gowns. In his works, Archie wishes to discover what Philippine culture has lost through colonialism and to reintroduce them to the modern world. Limited edition prints of the PEARLS series tie together States of Cadence, Exhibit 1

  The selection of artists is curated with Grounded’s intention of focus on holistic lifestyle and community, ocean environmental awareness, and grassroots artists.

Also among the diverse range of creatives in States of Cadence are Michael Eijansantos, an ocean photographer and a board sports and motorcycle enthusiast who has published “Locals Perspectives” the Philippines’ first surfing coffee table book; Natalia Larrauri, a young budding film photographer living in Siargao who aims to normalize the expression of the woman’s body, and; artist and designer Mikee Silva whose works take an optimistically comical look into our everyday existence. 

Grounded has also connected with Filipino artists living abroad, such as husband and wife artist-duo Christopher and Maddie Camcam from the United States, who also runs an art brand called Casa de Camcam, and Chiara Daez Capony from Belgium, founder of sustainable lifestyle brand Pandiwa.  

States of Cadence will present works that reflect the youthful and ageless spirits of the artists. 


This is apparent in the glow-in-the-dark works of Alecca Adarna and Corina Borromeo, and in the watercolor works by Nikki Ocean and Swedish artist, Camila Öster Yu who lives in Manila with her Filipino husband and children. Teacher and painter Ana Abigail explore the homeschool journey through her artworks for States of Cadence.

Artists also hailing from the Visayas region such as abstract artist Luis Antonio Pastoriza will have works in the show, as well as Bacolod artist and  Illustrator Gringo Benedicto, known for his fine, detailed, surreal illustrations that are reminiscent of psychedelia. 

Artist and Florist Melissa Lara is a part of the Grounded ensemble with works that she says are collages of nostalgia, threads of memory, and pieces of expression. Artist Lucia Fischer who has framed 3D artworks available for the States of Cadence exhibit says her complex heritage and exposure to various backgrounds, has bred an obsession for different perspectives of how people approach life, noticing how predominant the oppression of women exists across numerous cultures, for Exhibit 1, she addresses the injustices as well as celebrate the feminine in all its forms as a means to recalibrate the remnants of an outdated world. 

Silkscreen prints will also be available by La Union based video producer, cameraman, and surf enthusiast JP Sarmiento who says that the prints are a way to have analog versions of his digital files on different surfaces and objects. The silkscreen artworks for States of Cadence are different locations he based himself in during the lockdowns during the Covid-19 pandemic. Creative entrepreneur Jof Sering created mixed-media paintings of the ocean, with her mission being to put a smile on your face through her work.

Featuring 19 artists from the Grounded Artist Network, with over 75 artworks of mixed media, prints, photographs, and paintings, welcome to the cadence state of mind. 

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