Corina Borromeo

Painted over the period of the pandemic in full swing, being in lockdown is a thing of the present. Currently stuck at home I work, live and breathe homebody. It is a stark contrast to my past life which was constantly moving and travelling. This series of work focuses on inspiration that I found from my recent past. I reminisce on some lighter, happier times. A time full of travel, adventure and great exploration. Featuring a trip to Gigantes island and then Baler, two beautiful island paradises; It is here, while travelling, to both these places that I hear about the news of Covid-19 and the impending lockdowns. In that moment, I realise how special this trip is for me, as it will be a long time until I will be so lucky to travel freely again. I want to remember the feeling of how free I felt being there and then. I look on to these nostalgic moments of what once was, fondly and commemorate these moments in paint and canvas.