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My Tiny Canvas

How To Deal With Dragons: Redirecting My Big And Tough Emotions Through Art (7-10 year olds) 

Ways To Self-Soothe: De-stressing through Art, Expressionism and Creative Play (4-6 year olds)

These two children’s workshops were designed by Grounded together with artist, teacher and founder of My Tiny Canvas, Nikki Ocean. We wanted to introduce the concept of mindfulness and self-awareness to kids in a warm, creative light and to use art as a medium to inspire self-care, reflection and personal growth. 

We created the workshop to be a safe space where children can freely express their unique selves. In class we encouraged the children to acknowledge their own emotions, while respecting that of others. By using storytelling, we showed the children the possible ways on how they can deal with intra-personal emotions.  The classrooms were presented as an art studio that is a place of respite where the kids can enjoy process-based activities meant to uplift their spirits.