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Natalia Larrauri

Natalia Larrauri (b.1994) is a film photographer focused in expressing and showcasing the beauty of diverse human bodies. She draws inspiration mainly from empowered women open to express their most natural form of being, in the nude and in nature. She views her art as a movement to start normalizing normal bodies, to get rid of the stigma on nudity or self expression in that form since at the end of the day, it’s #justbodyparts. Photographing humans in the nude is empowering to her and aids in her own journey to self love and body confidence.


Her first exhibit aims to normalize the expression of the body, to rid society of judgement towards the woman’s body. This is a movement towards equality, giving the woman the same freedom to express her body as men. These photos also bring us back to the past, when nudity and living in nature was normal, before colonialism changed our ways of thinking