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Ana Abigail


 Ana Abigail (b.1995) is a painter, illustrator, and educator based in Quezon City. Her work often revolves around her day-to-day observations and reflections, much like a journal. She enjoys drawing from life and is currently exploring colors in oil.


Many endeavors take us on a rollercoaster of emotions and thoughts. This series began as a response to our personal homeschooling journey. It was totally uncharted territory, beginning with confusion (I have no idea how to do this). A plethora of other things came up during the process, including: frustration (This is so hard!!), disappointment (Oh gosh we're so bad at this), exasperation (ERRRRGH). And then we take a break, during which we pause, look back, and realise how much we have learned and grown. Maybe we will find some insights or images we didn't see before. We see beauty in what we once crumpled up and considered a failure. After a sigh of relief, we start the process over with the next step or maybe a new project... a constant cycle of inspiration, bewilderment, frustration, exasperation, reflection.