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Nikki Ocean

Nikki Ocean (b.1989) is a painter from the  Philippines. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from the University of the Philippines in the year 2011.

She regards an exhibition space as a medium in itself, developing works that are always in dialogue with the place and the viewer moving within it. Her artistic practice is a gentle meditation on metaphysics, existentialism, and pop culture as they interweave with her own journey towards self-realization and personal spirituality.

Her imagery, deeply inspired by themes from nature, examines and stretches the possibilities of paint to reveal the subconscious and ethereal.


Up until today, “The Psychedelic Sea” was a concept I’d been toying around for several years now; with its imagery slipping meaningfully into this show, I finally laid brush to paper.

“Nudicolor” is a light, playful dive into the tinctured world of the Nudibranch – my first wave of works under The Psychedelic Sea.