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Michael Eijansantos

Mike Eijansantos (b. 1985) is fascinated with documenting and promoting boardsports in the Philippines, In 2010, Mike started a blog that eventually became MyLife On Board, an online board riding magazine that features athletes and events that you would otherwise never hear about.

He combines his love of photography with his hobbies—board riding of any kind and motorcycles—to create an avenue that serves to grow those sports as well as the industries around them. In 2017, together with the global surf brand REEF, he published the first coffee table book dedicated to surfing entitled "Locals' Perspective." In 2019 he again published a book entitled "The Road to Himalayas," a coffee table book project in partnership with Royal Enfield. He currently heads up WavesAndPavement.com, an online shopping platform that caters specifically to local surf and moto brands.



Water, our source of life and a key foundation for a civilization to thrive can also be a medium of art. The split-second movements of the ocean can be neglected by some, but with a trained eye, you will see and experience a mesmerizing beauty when you press the shutter of your camera.