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Mikee Silva


Mikee Silva (b. 1988, Manila, Philippines) is a cross-disciplinary creative whose paintings reflect the multiversal nature of her everyday explorations into reality with narratives that tend to dip between weird, comical and deeply emotional. Her stories often choose to take shape in abstract yet oddly familiar forms and compositions that curiously draw you into an intimate space of both poignant self-awareness and an animated sense of wonder.


In this series, Mikee Silva takes an optimistically comical look into the winks and whistles of our everyday existence— what she believes to be a crumb trail to happiness that is often obscured yet hidden in plain sight. It was in the faint whirs of the humdrum of daily life where Silva slowly uncovered the secret to her own piece of peaceful pleasure, a pilgrimage that has proven to lead to the essence of joy in even its deepest and most subatomic forms.