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Lucia Valeria Fischer


 Lucia Fischer (b.1991) also known as FISCH is an artist with an incredibly complex, multi-cultural heritage. Born in Frankfurt, Germany, she would later be exposed to numerous backgrounds in places such as Jordan, USA, and Norway to name a few. This would mark as the start of what would later avalanche into her obsession for different perspectives on how people approach life. Noticing how predominant the oppression of women exists across countless worlds, she chooses to address the injustices as well as celebrate the feminine in all its forms as a means to recalibrate the remnants of an outdated world.



Time slows when you enter a void.
Whether of your own doing,
Or having them thrust upon a life.

Recalling a void appears as a blip.
As if the years spent in solitude merged and compiled on top of one another into a single yesterday.

Yesterday I was five years old, reaching for my mother hand.
Yesterday you were twenty, reaching for a false future.
Yesterday I am thirty, reaching for anything.

I’ve given up trying to predict these moments of black. Trying to gauge how and when to move.
They operate on their own, aiming straight-for passed me.

Victims to their graze and the imprints that they leave.

Tempted to plunge into the darkness.
Or is it the light?