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Jof Sering

Jof Sering (b. 1983) is a designer and artist currently based in Siargao island, Philippines.

Her art is mainly influenced by the deep joy and ecstasy of living close to nature. Through her work she gets to explore and express what joy feels and looks like for her and the people around her: choosing the life you want to live and actually living it.  


“Call of the Wild” is an exploration of her journey in choosing the way she wants to live, rediscovering where her joy lies and following that path.

Leaving our comfort zone, going into unfamiliar territory without the help of our tribe, in uncharted seas can be overwhelming but the call is so much stronger than the fear. You must follow the call of your soul, sometimes, you will have to do go alone. Give in to the flow. Others will follow you as a trailblazer. Trust in the process. Allow the wonders of the wild take over you and that’s where you’ll find your joy.