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Gringo Benedicto


Gringo Benedicto (b.1986) is an artist from Bacolod. He uses acrylic inks on paper for most of his paintings. His work has been described as trippy and whimsical - but occasionally plays in darker themes for fun. His work showcase the imagination and lets the viewer wonder and wander.





"We find ourselves often feeling stuck in the moment both physically and spiritually. In Gringo's work we see representations of himself in different states of cadence.

Pause. Señorito represents moments of idleness. Where we think nothing, do nothing, and feel nothing. There is beauty in a blank canvas.

Outerspace/Innerspace speaks of how the artist can travel anywhere via mind magic.

What We Do In The Shadows tells that in the abyss we also discover parts of ourselves we never thought existed. We learn things.

Castle In The Sky - Sometimes we just want to be alone and be far far away. Up in the clouds where the giants live."