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Corina Borromeo

Corina Borromeo (b. 1992) is a Visual Artist and Spatial Designer who is currently based in the Philippines. She obtained her BA(hons) in Interior Spatial Design, and a Foundation Diploma in Art & Design from the University of the Arts London (UAL) Chelsea College of Art & Design. After graduating she worked as an Interior designer for two years, first independently and also for Architecture and Interior Design firm Manosa & Co Inc., designing private residential homes and apartments before jumping into the Manila Art scene; In pursuit of learning more about Art she started working for Aphro Living Art/Design and stayed for two years before finally deciding to work independently. Since then, she has Exhibited work at Provenance Gallery circa 2016, Art Informal Gallery circa 2019, Modeka Gallery circa 2020, and Art Basel Philippines circa 2020. Joining Grounded in 2020 she has collaborated with them on several exhibitions, live art & music performances and other projects. Currently Corina is working from her home studio on her upcoming series.

As a visual artist she specialises in phosphorescent art. Creating whimsical and nature inspired glow paintings that can be enjoyed both in the light and in the dark. This concept was inspired by her childhood fascination with glow in the dark stars.

This type of art creates multi-layered experiences, that allow viewers to interact with the work by playing with light. The glow emitting from the paint can only be seen with the lights turned off while other aspects of it can only be viewed when the lights are turned on. This allows the painting to be viewed under varying light conditions and reveals the paintings many different forms and images, creating a fun and interactive experience for its viewers.

“I paint because it gives me joy and my intention when I create, is to spread it. As human beings, some of us have forgotten how to be connected. I want to feel a sense of belonging again. My quest is for feeling, and by provoking the same feeling in others we can connect through art.

At times, creating can be a form of meditation and introspection for me. This is why I am fascinated by subjects like animals, nature, patterns and the organic. Usually this can lead to anthropomorphic and whimsical qualities in my work. I like to keep things playful.

As an artist, I try to reignite a sense of awe and curiosity in individuals who view my art. I think it is important to keep a child-like wonder for life, especially in adulthood. That’s why the element of play is such an integral part of my creation process. I allow my imagination to run free and explore the possibilities of what each material and medium can offer me.


Painted over the period of the pandemic in full swing, being in lockdown is a thing of the present. Currently stuck at home I work, live and breathe homebody. It is a stark contrast to my past life which was constantly moving and travelling. This series of work focuses on inspiration that I found from my recent past. I reminisce on some lighter, happier times. A time full of travel, adventure and great exploration. Featuring a trip to Gigantes island and then Baler, two beautiful island paradises; It is here, while travelling, to both these places that I hear about the news of Covid-19 and the impending lockdowns. In that moment, I realise how special this trip is for me, as it will be a long time until I will be so lucky to travel freely again. I want to remember the feeling of how free I felt being there and then. I look on to these nostalgic moments of what once was, fondly and commemorate these moments in paint and canvas.