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Christopher Camcam


Topher Camcam (b.1994) is a painter currently based in the U.S. He was born and raised in Metro Manila, Philippines. In 2013, Camcam immigrated to the United States to study painting at the Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, OR. He received the Phyllis and George Johanson Painting Award (2019) as well as the Painting Department Thesis Award (2019), and his works have been exhibited at Gallery 157 (2016), Cerulean Winery Space (2016), B10 Gallery (2018), and PLACE Gallery (2019). Topher is the co-founder of Casa Camcam, along with his wife, Maddie Camcam.


Food is arguably one of the most telling parts of any person’s life: wrapped up in the food we eat is our identity, culture, history, socioeconomic class, relationship to nature, and more. I grew up knowing food was essentially one of the most important parts of life. Filipino culture already revolves around food; food is our passion. In my own life, I learned everything through food. My dad is a master chef. He taught us to honor the specialness of food and the togetherness of eating. Now, years after leaving my home behind for good, I have been painting food from memory. Painting these has been somewhat like indulging in comfort meals; they are good for the soul.