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Chiara Daez Capony

Chiara Capony (b.1989) is a visual artist based in Brussels, Belgium but calls many places home. She was born and raised in Manila and later moved to Europe in 2016. Her representational style shifts from realism to surrealism, playing with tonal contrasts and unexpected color choices to create this interesting juxtaposition. She often paints organic subjects from nature such as rock formations and mountains, bodies of water and the human form—images that are a symbolic representation of her own experiences to express them as a memory for the viewer to retain as their own. She switches from different mediums as she feels, using graphite, watercolor, acrylic and oil paint to create her pieces.



Her first exhibit is a reflection of her own personal relationship with art. She takes the viewer with her on the journey back to rediscovering her creative freedom, self-acceptance and ultimately, herself. The fluid, organic shapes and fine brushstrokes pull the viewer in to get lost in the abstraction of minuscule details, mirroring her own process. Her choices of subjects reflect the idea that just like life itself, nature has the ability to stand completely still and be in a state of constant flux at the same time. It perfectly conveys everything that is, was and will be in profound silence. Just as each curve and crevice of these rock formations are purposefully carved by the ebbs and flows of natural elements over the passage of time, we are formed by our own experiences.