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Camilla Öster Yu


Camilla Öster (b.1985) is a self taught watercolour artist, with a background in Interior & Design. She is from a small town called Kungshamn at the west coast of Sweden. Camilla has been based in Manila since 2008 with her husband who was born and raised here and their 3 kids.
The huge contrast in lifestyle and environment she’s had to face moving across the world, has definitely contributed to her creativity and thought behind her paintings.
With many misguided and failed ventures within both art and design in the past, Camilla has found a style of painting that truly reflects how she lives and sees life.




"I love creating from where my mind and body get that cozy feeling of home, comfort and good memories. I’ve tried painting different styles and with different materials, however nothing has spoken to me like the simple strokes of watercolour on a beautiful paper. The struggle of creating something with meaning behind it has been my biggest challenge as an artist, and it wasn’t until recent years I found a way of expressing what lies close to my heart. I can still remember leaning  over my fathers fishing boat looking down at the deep sea.  Feeling the waves take control of the boat, while my papa would pull up that morning's catch. Not a worry in the world , and I knew nothing else but to focus on what I found beauty in. Curiosity about life under the sea and it’s amazing creatures has mesmerised me as a child and inspired me as an adult. I can still see schools of fish  passing by when I close my eyes."