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Oh My Days: Skating Through The Present Moment

by Gabriela Reyes

We are over a year into the COVID-19 pandemic around the world and it has caused great life adjustments to each and of our daily lives at full speed. Nevertheless, Grounded Co-founder and Media Director Bianca-Yuzon Henares who goes by the artist name ‘YUZON’, shares her journey on how she found a way to stay inspired and navigate in these uncertain times by holding on to her North Star, music, as well as cultivating a newfound love for skateboarding.

YUZON, our very own Filipino performing artist and songwriter, just released her latest bedroom pop sounding single 'Oh My Days' last June 18 under Tarsier Records, along with its newest music video, yesterday June 21 in time for international “Go Skateboarding Day” – as a tribute to empowered, inspiring women skaters around the world.

The 'Oh My Days' music video is a collaboration with Melbourne-based Huckerby Studios – a labor of love for YUZON and director Bea Velante, celebrating a variety of women skaters from all walks of life and various skill levels, hailing from different parts of the globe. 'Oh My Days' also aims to counter the stigma that "women can't skate" nor participate in extreme sports and activities of the same nature; inspiring young girls to confidently pursue their passions despite the gap for gender-nonconforming riders.

“It doesn’t matter what you look like or where you’re from – I believe skating unites us through that stoked feeling of freedom we get when we ride. Through this music video, I would like to showcase that, as well as contribute to breaking the stigma that “we can’t skate”, because we most definitely can. We can do whatever we set our minds to, and you are proof of that.” - YUZON 

'Oh My Days' music video directed by Bea Velante is out now on Tarsier Records' Youtube Channel! Featuring YUZON among many amazing worldwide community of women skaters.

Through social media, YUZON reached out to her favourite skaters, whose videos, she says have been a “safe space” for her online throughout the pandemic. On top of that she added,

“Waking up to posts from these skaters doing dancing lines, attempting new tricks, falling and getting back up or just cruising with their friends has been a sort of salve for the soul, especially with everything going on. This community has given me so much without knowing it, and I wanted to honor them in my own way through a music video tribute.”

The music video features amazing women skaters around the world such as Japan’s Hinata (@hinata_longboard), New Zealand’s Elissa Mah (@_hazecat), and Filipina-American influencer Natalie Pluto (@nataliepluto) among many other amazing skaters. Inspiring skateboarders Australia's Poppy Starr Olsen (@poppystarr) and USA’s Bryce Wettstein (@brycewettstein), who are featured on the music video, will be competing in the Tokyo Olympics taking place this August 2021, competing in the top 20 Women’s Park Skateboarding category.

With COVID-19 still going on, every so often, we may find ourselves anxiously thinking, “when will this pandemic ever end?” or simply anticipating the ‘new normal’ to come quickly. Instead of worrying about what we can’t control, we have to shift our energy on what is within our control and who we aspire to be during this time; as well as the pursuit of discovering new possibilities, perspectives, and ways of doing things.

We asked YUZON about how she has been coping with her mental health; skating has been significantly the balm to her soul in these trying times. As she expressed,

“Skating has been monumentally instrumental to my mental health. Being on the board enables me to shake off the weight of the world, along with any looming personal problems or issues so I can focus on the beautiful miracle that is the present moment, truly embracing all that Now has to offer.”

'Oh My Days' was written at the height of lockdown, when life was in this strange “In-Between” state. She was inspired to write this song by looking back at the grand adventures of pre-pandemic life, while trying to make sense of the ‘new normal’. This song also serves as reminder to focus on things that are within our control – for YUZON, it’s nurturing relationships with those around her, tending to herself and well-being, pursuing goals and passions that sparks her joy; like cooking, nurturing plants, having the compassionate heart to adopt pets, and sports like skateboarding! She also believes in the momentousness of holding on to your ‘North Star’ in life that leads towards a purposeful destination, which represents a beacon of inspiration and hope to many; as well as to just breathe amidst the chaos, that not all is lost.

Our dream pop artist YUZON, has a little message for you as to her journey in making the 'Oh My Days' music video. We hope this will ignite the passion within you and pursuit of happiness, spark some inspiration into action while pushing forward to your goals and full potential without fear.

Skating has been phenomenal for my physical and mental health, especially over the pandemic. In a restrictive world full of fear and uncertainty, cruising around on my board alone or with my friends (in a socially distant way) has gifted me with a rare sense of
freedom, and hope that tomorrow will be a better day.
It fills me with joy to see women skaters doing their thing on social media--pushing the boundaries of what is acceptable or thought to be possible and most of all,
just having fun.
This music video is a tribute to the community of skaters that has inspired me and so many others to keep going, share the stoke, and live fearlessly and with optimism --
on and off the board. 
Thank you.”

Amidst this period of uncertainty we're all facing, we should always be reminded that there's light at the end of every tunnel; that tomorrow is a brand new day – to breathe, to hope, to enjoy, to love, and to make it yours.

Jam to 'Oh My Days' on all your favourite music streaming platforms, as well as the music video on Tarsier Records' Youtube channel! 


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