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Adopting Hulk in Spain

by Carmen Araneta

We moved to Spain about this time last year and when we were living in the Philippines we had our German Shorthaired Pointer named Charlie. She was set to come up here but because Charlie isn’t good with being caged up (it’s about 24 hours to get to our side of the world) I didn’t want her to go through that stress. So she is now being loved and taken care of by my mom-in-law until we figure out how to get her here the least stressful way or when we head back to Manila.

I was really sad about Charlie not being here especially because I’ve always loved the idea of my son growing up around bigger dogs. When we lived in Baler, we had 4 large dogs and they were very gentle with him when he was a baby.

To fill the gap, we began doggie sitting for different people in the village. Then one day the local vet posted a photo of a galgo (Spanish greyhound) that was up for adoption. When I saw it , Immediately wanted to just look at her. They told me that she was in another town but if I wanted to see options then there was a lovely lady who rescues dog here. So off my son, Diego and I went!

We got to her campo and she greeted us with the warmest smile. This woman had about 40 dogs or so- most of them thrown away by their previous owners because hunting season is over or dumped near a river to drown.

I saw a beautiful mastín (Spanish mastiff) but I knew that because of his size eventually we would have a hard time bringing him back to Manila. I didn’t want to push it as we were just there to “look”. As we were walking through the corrals there, we spotted Hulk (previously known as Ajay) and my son Diego tells me “Look mama, Charlie!”. What a beautiful dog he was! When we entered the cage, he was the only one who didn’t jump on me. Then Diego says “I want it!” and so of course i had to. It was love at first sight.


Hulk’s story is like many others here in Spain - he was dumped by his old owners on the side of the street, skin and bones and very weak.

The rescuers don’t know his previous story but they think that he could have also been used for hunting or that the previous owners just couldn’t afford to keep a dog anymore.

Fast forward to now, Hulk has been with us for about 7 months and he brings about so much happiness in our home. He is part of us and life is definitely better with him around. He is loyal, protective, and for a German Shorthaired Pointer, very relaxed.

They say when you look into a dog’s eyes you’ll immediately feel like all your worries are gone. That’s definitely how I feel when I give Hulk a squeeze or a pat. On the worst of days there’s nothing like a dog right by your side to make everything alright.