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4 Healthy and Easy Snacks

by Angela De Dios

It’s been one and a half months since I’ve last stepped outside my house— or at least without any restrictions. Just like pretty much every other person in the world right now, the past few weeks have filled my mind with a lot of anxiety, stress, and uncertainties. Who knew doing nothing could amount to so many negative thoughts? 

That’s why I’ve realized that during this difficult time, it’s important to practice self-care to help distract our minds and fill our thoughts with more positive than negative. Whether that may be through getting back into an old hobby, learning a new one, or just doing things that make you happy.

For me, that includes working out, playing with my dogs, getting on Netflix, staying in touch with friends, social media-distancing, and even practicing a little of the KonMari method. But so far my favourite way to pass the time is preparing some of my meals. While I have the occasional cheat days, I try to stay healthy by incorporating a lot of healthier ingredients in my food like greek yogurt, almond milk, oats, super seeds, and fruits. You can probably already tell my favourite meals to make are breakfast; but these staples are great for snacking too. And because I’m no baker and don’t have enough in the pantry because of the ECQ, I try to look for recipes that are easy to make and are readily available in our kitchen. If you’re searching for no-fuss recipes that are healthy yet delicious, scroll down below for four of my current go-to, vegan-friendly snacks to munch on from a.m. to p.m.


No-Bake Energy Bites

If you love desserts and simply can’t live without sweets, why not find a healthy alternative that’s just as good, if not even better than your store-bought goods? All you need is almond butter (which you can also make from scratch), oats, flax or chia seeds, and maple syrup. Then you can pretty much add in anything else depending on your preference from chocolate chips to almonds and dried fruit. Store them in the fridge for a couple of hours, reheat if you please, and guiltlessly munch on your new favorite movie snacks.


Maple Sweet Potatoes

Got leftover sweet potatoes? You could make kamote fries but if you want to try something new, you’re gonna love this 3-ingredient recipe that’s so easy to make. After mashing the sweet potato, just mix in maple syrup and cinnamon. You can also forego the mashing and eat the sweet potato in cubes but where’s the fun in that? If you like a little crunch, just add some nuts on top and voilà!


Banana Chocolate Smoothie

Get your chocolate fix with this creamy and delicious smoothie that will help you stay full for hours. With frozen bananas, greek yogurt (or dairy-free yogurt for vegans), cocoa powder, and chia seeds, smoothies like this one are a simple way to add a boost of nutrients in your diet. It’s the perfect way to beat the afternoon heat too! Feel free to modify the recipe like I do by replacing whole milk with almond milk and adding maple syrup and cacao nibs into the mixture.


Watermelon Salad

I love watermelon. In fact, I love it so much I could eat a whole one if I wanted to. They’re sweet, refreshing, and best of all, low-calorie. But like most things, too much of anything can be bad for you. So I found the perfect solution: a greek-style watermelon salad you can pretty much eat at any time of the day. You may find that watermelon and feta cheese (or tofu feta for vegans) is an odd combination but for some reason, they just go so well together, along with olive oil, lime juice, salt, and pepper. I currently don’t have mint leaves at home but I do like to add a teaspoon of balsamic vinegar for extra flavor. It’s divine!