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Lorenz Namalata



What inspires you?

Everything I encounter that fascinates me ends up being inspiring for me. Whether it’s a netflix series, a quote from a creative leader, other people’s art in styling, painting and/or typography. all these merged together inform  my style.




How do you express yourself creatively?

I think it must be tough for people to give me a label sometimes because I do tend to do one thing after another. I style, I illustrate, I paint, I produce shoots -- among other things -- but I think at the end of it I really am just a creative unwilling to be placed in a box and be limited. I try my best to explore and be versatile.

What is your favorite medium of art?

Nothing gives me more joy than illustrating. Holding a pencil and going through the motions of getting satisfied with your strokes is so calming for me. I like the process of layering from a sketch to a drawing to inking, and then eventually coloring. 

How would you define your artistic style?

I think just like in my styling work, I’m very commercial. my love for advertising, fashion and pop culture definitely influence my work. I like it when I can see its end result can be easily translated in other materials for the fashion, interior, and the like. I used to overthink about my designs a lot and I found it to be very debilitating so I learned to be more forgiving and accept my strokes/ style for what it is.

What have you been up to the past few months?

I've only gotten to play with Procreate last May because my sister wasn’t using her iPad. I saw that as a good opportunity to practice and to allow myself to create more if and when I feel like it. It’s important to constantly educate yourself with the new and available tools when it comes to digital art, and I’m very relieved that I'm getting the hang of it.

What do you think of the local arts and culture scene?

I appreciate the support that different sectors continue to give the arts scene. There are initiatives like the Art Fair, Art in the Park, as well as ALT Philippines. Now we also have Shelter Fund and ArtDrop. All these efforts just widen the reach of Filipino art and artists, and it’s truly empowering to know that there’s support and desire to uplift the culture.


People you look up to?

From different disciplines, I adore the works of Elmer Borlongan, Gio Panlilio, Andy Warhol, Karl Templer, Mel Ottenberg, David Alexander Flinn, and Harry Styles. Definitely Harry styles. Haha.

When you hit a stumbling block in creativity, what helps you keep motivated? 

I watch Youtube, Masterclass, and go down a rabbit hole in Pinterest. I watch cartoons. Lately, I’ve been watching the ones of Hey Arnold! and the Aristocats. It’s important to give yourself some time to play and relax a bit too. It does no good to be too focused 24/7 because I’ve noticed I get burned out when that happens.

What keeps you Grounded? 

The fact that I still speak my dialect which is Bisaya/ Cebuano at home keeps me grounded. My dad is from Cagayan de Oro while my mom is from Iloilo. Being able to converse and understand in both allows me to always be rooted to where I came from. I’ve also been through so much health-wise that I think I understand that everything is as transient as it can be, and we’re all just here to try to make our mark in this world. :)