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Chiara Daez-Capony

Can you tell us a little but about your career as an artist? How did you start painting?
I've always been in love with making art ever since I was young. I was always drawing, painting and making things out of whatever I could get my hands on. I was a very shy kid who preferred being alone, so drawing and painting was really a safe space that I could be free to express myself.
I took up Visual Communication in UP Fine Arts back in university, but I am only seriously starting to pursue my art now in my early thirties. I took quite a long hiatus from art during my early and mid twenties to focus on other things. The past few years truly feel like a journey of coming home to myself. It's taken a lot to be in that safe space again where I feel free to explore and express myself; and most especially, to feel ready to share that with others.

Is art making therapeutic for you?
Art is definitely the best form of therapy for me. My dad passed away when I was 14 years old, and that was the first time I started painting with oils and tried my hand at realism in my drawings. I let out all my grief through painting and drawing, and it was a beautiful form of release. Even now, I learn so much about myself everytime I make a new piece.  It's like I uncover a part of me I've never met before.

When do you feel most inspired?
Nowadays, I feel most inspired when I am happy and feel good about myself. It took a lot of work to get to the place where I am able to paint again—a place of peace and acceptance of myself. It's a constant work in progress.

How would you define your artistic style?
I would describe my style as delicate and detailed. I tend to get into a meditative state when I paint. I think there is beauty in the abstraction of realism. I like looking at all the details and seeing the expansiveness of how deep you can go in breaking up those small intricacies and then later seeing them all in the big picture.


How do you handle creativity blocks?
I feel like that's something I'm constantly working on. I'm learning everyday. I find that I have to be really organized and I have to declutter my environment—be it my physical or in my mind! The hardest part is always that inner battle and getting myself to just start!

Last art show you went to?
I went to Nicole Coson's latest art show at Silverlens with a friend before ECQ happened! I have fond memories from that day. It was a really great day! My friend and I were really inspired so we went to her art studio and painted all day! We randomly picked a word out of a book and let that be the theme of our paintings. The word was "immense".

You live in Belgium, can you tell us a little bit about your life there? How has moving from the Philippines to Europe affected your creativity as an artist?
Yes, I moved to Belgium with my husband in late 2018. We live in Ixelles, and I really love it. It's a super chill vibe, very international, and so supportive of young artists. One of my favorite places there is called Les Marolles. It holds a special place in my heart because that's where I started getting back into my art again. It's the quarter where a lot of young artists live and they set up little cafés, shops and galleries. There's a flea market every weekend too that my husband and I love going to. Every year they hold these art exhibits all around the neighborhood where you can exhibit your art pieces in your own home. So your neighboring artists who might literally live next to you open their doors and allow you to come in and take a look at their work. It's such a cool concept, and it was so inspiring to see. I would love to be part of that one day.

Would you say that creativity and spirituality are two sides of the same coin?
Absolutely. Accessing the alpha state of mind is the gateway to our subconscious where we can access our creativity and intuition. Meditation is now a very important part of my daily rituals so I can be in tune with that state of mind, and I can't properly start my day without it. Painting gets me into a meditative state and just makes me happy. I believe that making art is like storing your energy into that piece. I hope that people find lightness and happiness in my works! 

When it comes to color, how do you choose or what inspires you to choose your palette?
I tend to gravitate towards more subdued, delicate palettes with pops of colors for accents. I really love minimalism but with an unexpected twist.
How has the current pandemic affected your creativity?
When the pandemic first hit, I had a looot of time completely by myself. I deep dove into a lot of introspection and self-development and I am completely grateful for that time. That was really the catalyst of me rethinking my entire life and what I truly wanted to manifest. During the pandemic, I had a lot of time to explore and revisit all types of mediums again—pencil, watercolor, acrylic and oil! It's been great.

Can you share with us some artists you look up to?
There are so many! Mikee Silva, for her unapologetic authenticity and an endless source of positive energy. Anna Roberts, Lee Price and Vicente Romero, for their incredible mastery of skill. Carla Alimbau and Carlota Guerrero for their originality and advocacy to female empowerment—to name a few!
What keeps you grounded?
My husband, my family and my best friends. Without their support, I would not be where I am or be who I am today!
When it comes to my daily rituals, I do my morning meditations everyday, HIIT workouts thrice a week and do yoga on the weekends. Being active really has such a huge impact on my wellbeing and being in a place where I feel inspired to paint.
 Instagram: @chiaracapony