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Carmen Araneta

How do you define your artistic style?

I’ve gone through different art styles through the years but one thing I’ve noticed is that the general idea always remains the same, and that’s a woman’s body and the changes it goes through. I’ve struggled with body image for years even until now, and my drawings are mostly, if not, all women. 

They’re mostly curvy, confident, and nude. It’s something I wish I could be but I can’t so I guess in a way I’ve taken my frustration out on my paintings. It’s also a way of me saying that I’m tired of a society where we promote just one ideal body type, I’m just trying to get my point across. 

Name some inspirational people you look up to.

Locally I really look up to a lot of my friends who are doing amazing things, be it in wellness, changing the world, art, or in fashion.

Anna Bautista

Michelle Mendiola 

Cara Mia Sumabat 

Mikee Silva

Mito Fabie

To name a few, if you haven’t had the chance look them up and you’ll see why I look up to them 


I love art critic Jerry Saltz for always being so upfront with his feelings within the art world but also life in general

NYC artist Monica Hernandez 

And French artist Ines Longevial 

What have you been painting these days?

I’ve been focusing a lot on watercolor, it’s really my first love. There’s something so meditative about the process, especially the unpredictability of it. Currently, I’ve been obsessed with flowers, I think there’s a great similarity between women and flowers. To me, a flower symbolizes growth and adaptability and women go through so much in their life from a young age we’re expected to look and be a certain way. Monthly periods, child bearing, then the guilt, feeling like you always need to do more for your family. 


What inspires you?

Wow, so many things, but ever since I moved to Spain a year ago I’ve been so inspired not only by Spain and their culture but I’ve also really only started to appreciate my Filipino roots and heritage, I’m working on a few paintings now that incorporates the two— it’s fascinating to see how a like Filipinos and Spanish are.

What do you do when you go through a creative block?

I like to read poetry then go from there, one of my favourite poets is Federico Garcia Lorca. He’s a famous poet who focuses on his native Andalusia— descriptive and romantic. 

How has the current pandemic affected your creativity?

I have on and off days where I feel very inspired but there are days where I’m so tired or so uninspired, that I don’t work at all. This past week I’ve been feeling just that, but I’m the type of person who pressures myself a lot, I just have to keep reminding myself that it’s okay not to do anything 

How do you stay grounded?

As a mom running a household, I feel like it’s really important to have quiet time for myself and I only realised that during quarantine. I find that it helps to really have routine. 

On most days, maybe 6 times a week I wake up at 9 AM and I do yoga and meditation. I feel like doing this first thing when I wake up really puts me in a good mood throughout the day. It’s usually a power vinyasa or yin depending— sometimes both depending on how I feel. Then I do a 10-minute meditation and I have seven affirmations that I recite to really keep me grounded.  I also use mala beads and use a mantra that I’m feeling for the day. 

After that, I never forget my morning coffee, it’s what I look forward to the most and it’s when I know the chaos of my day finally begins :) 


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