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Bea Policarpio

1. How would you define your artistic style?

My artistic style can be defined as part of the abstract expressionism genre of fine art. This means I paint with a focus on spontaneity and subconscious creation. In technical terms, I use the impasto technique—the application of thick strokes using palette knives—to manifest a delicate balance of depth and buoyancy in my works. I would describe my abstract style as my way of sharing my intimate moments with the divine. Through my practice, I try to make the intangible, tangible.

2. How has this pandemic affected your creativity and what do you do when you experience "creative blocks"?

While this year has been wildly unpredictably, the lockdown has allowed me to significantly slow down and center myself in a steady practice of self-care and meditation. Doing so has helped me return to my creative roots with greater levels of self-awareness and gratitude.

When I experience blocks, I take the time to listen to my mind and body and what it’s trying to tell me. Oftentimes, I sweat it out in yoga or Muay Thai classes to elevate my mood. But my favorite form of getting out of my own way is to go for a calming swim. Water is my element and my ultimate fascination so being immersed in it gives me such peace.

3. Where do you draw inspiration from?

I draw a lot of inspiration from nature itself and my inner world—I’m an advocate for daily journaling which I do each morning with a cuppa coffee and a view of the expansive sky. I find that inspiration comes to me most naturally when I’m relaxed and in a joyful mood, so I try to surround myself with my favorite music and pop culture as well. I love to leave romantic comedies playing in the background as I work as it puts me in a lighthearted and romantic mood.


4. Who are your influences?

She’s not a painter, but my favorite artist is Ariana Grande! I’m so inspired by her ability to transmute her life’s experiences (her joys and sorrows) into healing music not only for herself, but for the world. Growing up, my imagination was truly raised in the arms of strong and quirky female characters from films and shows. Whenever I’m faced with a challenge, I always think to myself “What would Hermione Granger/Rachel Green/Jenna Rink do?” Life is unpredictable, so a sense of humor and resourcefulness in all things comes in really handy.

5. What themes do you find yourself drawn to when creating?

I’m really drawn to expressing movement and the flux of changing emotions. My art is constantly changing because I’m constantly evolving as well. The infinite possibilities of a blank canvas still terrifies me, but after all, embracing creativity means constantly facing the unknown with faith and courage.

6. What mediums do you use and what made you decide to use mirrors in some of your pieces?

I use acrylic paint for all of my pieces, and I love incorporating mirrors into my work because it draws the viewer into the mood of the story. Reality is truly just the mirror of the mind, so that is what I try to express in my mirror pieces. I love the idea that when someone looks at my work, it no longer becomes about me at all—it becomes someone else’s reflection of their inner world.

7. Are there any wellness practices you incorporate into / complement your workflow?

Yes, definitely! I’m a big fan of vinyasa yoga, swimming, and most recently, Muay Thai to get my blood pumping and my creative juices flowing. I’m also a big geek for freestyle dancing and singing as I play with the colors on canvas. If you were to walk into my studio unexpectedly, you’re likely to find me dancing to Ariana Grande or yelling out Hamilton songs at the top of my lungs! Haha.