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Chuck Gonzales

I identify as a graphic designer mainly doing branding projects for others, and art for myself to pass the time.

Since I never received formal training in art and design, nor gave it much thought as a career before pursuing it in 2017, I applied to the MFA program in BU for this coming fall. Luckily, I was offered a scholarship. That’s the plan for the near future if this quarantine ever lets up.

As far as art is concerned, I try to do at least an illustration a day. But like most creative endeavors, the ink runs dry over a period of time. To fill in the empty spaces, I’ve been dip- ping my toes into cutouts and collaging. I’m learning as I go (as always), but it’s been a useful medium for me during this lockdown. In that it allows me to step away from the com- puter and reset my energy. It strips design down to its basics so it forces me to work with what’s in front of me. It’s been an effective and meditative exercise so far. Apart from that, I’ve been attempting to curate a monthly playlist as an excuse to create my own album art and to meld my fondness for music and design.

These days, I try to limit my activities to those that carry some sort of intent behind them. I do this for efficiency, preparation for the coming year, bettering myself as a creative, and continuing on this path at a professional level. I haven’t been pursuing art and design for very long, so it’s been an arduous feeling-out process from the get go. Some days I think I’ll eventually have it down to a science. Other times I think I’ll find myself in this unrelenting push and pull. While the latter is the likely outcome, the former keeps the wind in my sails.

Instagram - @chuck.gon